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Plant Code Size Comments   Plant Code Size Comments
    ACANTHUS             ALCEA        
mollis 1G Just planted   Nigra 1Q Lmtd Quantities  
    ACHILLEA         rugosa 1Q Lmtd Quantities  
Appleblossom 1Q small/in bud       ALCHEMILLA        
Coronation Gold 1Q Lmtd Quantities   erythropoda 1Q Few Left  
Moonshine 1Q Buds n Flowers   mollis 1G Full w/Flowers  
Moonshine 1G Full w/Flowers   mollis 1Q Full w/Flowers  
Oertel`s Rose 1Q Full with buds       ALLIUM        
Paprika 1Q Buds   cernuum N 1Q Ready  
Red Velvet 1Q Ready   Drumstick 1Q Buds  
Strawberry Seduction 1Q Lmtd Quantities       ALTERNANTHERA        
Summer Wine 1Q Ready   `Red Thread` 4I Ready  
Arendsii 1G Few Left   Lavender Shades 4I In Flower  
    ACORUS         Purple Shades 4I In Flower  
calamus N 1G Nice & Full   White 4I In Flower  
gramineus 1Q Nice & Full       AMSONIA        
Minimus Aureus 1Q Nice & Full   Blue Ice S 1Q Ready  
Ogon 1Q Ready   Blue Ice S 1G Just planted  
    ACTAEA         hubrichtii N 1Q Ready  
Brunette 1G New Crop Nice   hubrichtii N 1G Ready  
Hillside Black Beauty 1G Just planted   tabernaemontana N 1Q Ready  
White Pearl 1G New Crop Nice       ANDROPOGON        
    ADIANTUM         geradii N 1G Nice Foliage  
pedatum*MAIDENHAIR N 1Q Ready Soon   virginicus N 1Q Ready Soon  
    AGAPANTHUS         virginicus N 1G Ready Soon  
Blue Heaven 2G Ready Soon       ANEMONE        
Storm Cloud 2G Ready Soon   canadensis N 1Q Lmtd Quantities  
    AGASTACHE         Honorine Jobert 1G Small but Rooted  
Black Adder 1Q Nice Foliage   Honorine Jobert 1Q Ready  
Black Adder 1G Nice Foliage   Pamina 1Q Nice Foliage  
Blue Fortune 1G New Crop Nice   Robustissima 1G Few Left  
Blue Fortune 1Q New Crop Nice   Robustissima 1Q Nice Foliage  
Golden Jubilee S 1Q Lmtd Quantities   Whirlwind 1Q Few Left  
Purple Haze 1G New Crop Nice       ANGELICA        
Tango 1Q Few Left   gigas 1G Nice Foliage  
Hawaii 5.0 4I Buds   Serena Purple 4I Starting to Bud  
    AJANIA             AQUILEGIA        
pacifica 1Q Just planted   Biedermeier 1Q Few Left  
    AJUGA         Corbett S 1Q Lmtd Quantities  
Black Scallop 1Q Nice & Full   Nana Alba 1Q Few Left  
Caitlin`s Giant 1G Nice Foliage   Nora Barlow 1Q Cut back  
Caitlin`s Giant 1Q Nice Foliage   Pink Lanterns S 1Q Brown Tips  
Chocolate Chip 1Q Nice & Full       ARISAEMA        
             ringens 1G Starting to flower  
Code: N = Native     S = Native Selection
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